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Antalya is Turkey’s capital city of tourism. More than 10 million people from all around the world visit this magnificient city every year. Many people from other countries also prefer to buy a house and live in Antalya permanently. There are numerous hotels with different stars suitable for everyone. You can search for a suitable place to stay on the internet. If you want, we would also be so happy to assist you. So we can find one that is close to both the hospital and our office (A-Plast in Antalya). However, we recommend you to make your adjustments earlier, should you wish to plan a surgery during high season (July-September).

Antalya attracts millions of people with its beautiful nature and archeological riches. It is a place that offers a unique combination of sun, deep blue sea and mountains, and even has a ski resort that opens in the winter months.

Accommodation and recreation in Antalya is arranged in fairly good harmony and the city welcomes you with a warm Mediterranean smile. Antalya Airport is 13 km to the city centre of Antalya, 57km to Kemer, 30km to Serik, 65km to Manavgat and 125km to Alanya. Many direct flights from European and Asian cities to Antalya Airport are available, especially during high season.

Summer can be very hot; and winter ranges from mild to rainy in Antalya. There are on average 300 sunny days of the year and it is possible to swim from April through to November. The average sea temperature is 28 C during summer.

You should be prepared for short-term bouts of rain and even some thunderstorms if you have decided to have your surgery in either spring or autumn/early winter. Most good hotels have indoor swimming pools and spa facilities helping to keep you occupied during these times. However, even on the rainy days, the weather can be mild and to those foreigners who are used to worse weather; it is still possible to enjoy a stroll. There is plenty of shopping and lots of places to visit, both historical and entertainment wise. More details can be found at

There are also many websites you can use to find the best hotel for you here in Antalya with a wide price range. If you want to find hotels in the summer, we recommend you to make your reservation well in advance in order to be satisfied with your accommodation, as it can get quite fully booked and you will want to be happy with where you are recovering, so that you do not feel any extra stress or discomfort following your surgery.

We can assist you with names of recommended accommodation for you to explore further if you are spoiled for choice or simply do not know where to pick. Please note that we cannot accept any direct responsibility for hotels that you choose to stay in before and after your surgery. Cancellations, quality of accommodation, food, delays of flights, staff at the hotel and hotel facilities are not in our control. When choosing your accommodation please take into account that in ideal circumstances it is advised that you are as close as possible to the hospital and our surgery during your stay.

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