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What are Non Invasive Fillers ?

What are non-invasive dermal fillers? 

These are a temporary cosmetic injectable used to reduce and smooth wrinkles, lines or depressions in the skin, replace fat loss and enhance natural beauty such as the lips, cheeks and chin. When injected under the skin, a filler raises or puffs up that area, reducing or eliminating wrinkles by adding bulk to the dermis. After an injection, the plumper skin shows fewer wrinkles and gives a more youthful appearance.

How do dermal fillers work? 


Most visible signs of ageing are caused by the breakdown of the underlying skin tissue that keeps the skin plumped up. As we age this tissue begins to break down, and expression lines suddenly become permanent creases or marks of ageing. Filler injections are often used to smooth out scarred, wrinkled, or furrowed skin on the face.

Which are most suitable areas for fillers? 

1. Frown lines around the eyebrows (usually after Botox treatment)

2. The folds between the nose and outer lips and cheeks (nasolabial folds)  

3. Lines below the corners of the mouth (marionette lines)

4. Wrinkles around the upper or lower lips 

5. ‘Smile’ lines at the corners of the mouth 

Why do lines appear?  


In young skin, the collagen framework is intact, and the skin remains elastic and moisturized. It is resilient to the many facial expressions and to the everyday environmental exposure that we face. Over time, the support structure weakens and the skin begins to lose its elasticity and tone, as the collagen support wears down. Every time you smile, frown or squint, you put stress on the collagen in your skin, and the effect of these facial expressions is cumulative, resulting in the appearance of facial lines.


How long does a filler last? 


Results vary but a period of 12 to 15 months is a normal expectancy.


How is the filler applied?  


The treatment is done in the comfort of our clinic and can be completed in 5-10 minutes. We use a local anesthetic cream or ice pack to numb the areas to which the filler will be applied to reduce any discomfort. The skin is then treated with a crystal clear gel, which is injected into the required areas in tiny amounts through a very fine needle.


What to expect immediately after treatment


Some injection-related reactions may occur, such as redness, swelling, slight pain, itching, bruising or tenderness. These are very common and usually resolve within 24-48hrs.


Can Botox and Filler be used together? 


Yes! Botox cannot completely remove an established line or crease, and a filler works well at improving these creases. By combining both treatments you can see an immediate improvement in contour. This can help to make the filler last longer as it is the muscle action which causes a breakdown. A further step for these procedures would be to combine them with other facial surgeries to give the best aesthetic outcome.


If you are bothered by wrinkles or depressions from smiling, laughing, frowning, squinting or just plain old aging, Dermal Fillers may be an excellent option for you.



Please contact us by completing the ‘online consultation form’ and sending. Alternatively forward your enquiry to the plastic and cosmetic surgeons with recent fotos taken from all sides.

Mr Gökhan Özerdem, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Assoc. Professor Ömer Refik Özerdem  




Our risk & complication rate is not higher than that of any surgery performed in any other destination by similarly qualified doctors. Cosmetic surgery offers improvement, not perfection or the solving of life problems.

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