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With a rising number of people travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery it is logical that the media will often intoxicate and brainwash the viewers with misinformation. Such data often seen in newspapers, magazines, at the internet discusses the complications of overseas cosmetic/plastic surgery.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for some surgeons in any country to criticize the complications of abroad doctors. They simply forget their own complications when they do this.

Whilst we appreciate there is a demand for such operations it does provoke a reply from an ethical, fully certified and serious company such as ourselves who regard the patient’s safety and care as our primary issue attaching great importance to the patient education and guidance process, patient satisfaction, aftercare and take a pro-active role in each patient’s recovery.


Anyone thinking of having surgery abroad must not base their decision on price or destination alone.  They must be aware of all of the elements that make up their final decision, therefore being selective in choosing the right doctor and clinic for them. 

Our Doctors are both individually highly qualified, not only accredited by the local Turkish Society of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (equivalent to BAPRAS in the UK), their qualifications also include European Board Certification and Dr Ömer holds a professorship in Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, he is also is an associated member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons after having practiced there for many years. 

Each operation is attended by a partner cosmetic surgeon who have both performed thousands of successful operations, written book chapters and articles that have been published and have appeared as advisory Cosmetic Surgeon on popular Turkish TV shows. 

Anyone entering into an operation must be made aware of possible risks and complications that exist, we do however wish to advice that our complication rate is no higher than that of any hospital /doctor performing the same operation with the same qualifications of those in Europe and USA.

If you are thinking to have surgery then you must take steps and research to find a European Board qualified surgeon and preferably one that is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He should be already experienced, performing operations regularly and updating himself with new techniques by attending conferences and train-ins. 

We would like to add that if the patient is physically fit, ‘informed, ’ has reasonable expectations, they have researched the doctor and the hospital thoroughly to be sure that they are in the best and safest hands for their operation then the risks associated with surgery can be reduced significantly, the stay abroad will be pleasant and surgery successful.

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