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We have many testimonials from all over the world. On this page you'll see some. Some of our patients wrote e-mail address, you can reach them to ask about their experience in Antalya.

I hope you are well.


I would like to thank you for all your help before and after my procedure.  It was a pleasure to have met you and I would like to say what a great asset you are to the clinic with your professionalism, elegance and charm as well as being warm and friendly.


My thanks also go to the rest of the team and doctor who was very kind.

Sarah (UK) Septmeber 2013
Upper Eyelid surgery






Everything is fine, thank you, and looking good, although no one seems to have noticed!!!!  Oh course people say I look good, but even my close friend doesn't know!  Maybe that's a good signheh?   anyway, another 2 weeks or so and I can wear my hair up again.


Anyway, say thank you to Dr Gokhan, and yourself, and I will see you when I come back.


I hope everything is going well for you, and see you soon.


kind regards



Jenny L (UK) April 2013
Face & neck lift, upper eyelid surgery




Thank you,  The Happines is on my side & it was pleasure to meet you,all went  very comfortable, smooth and you are so beautifull.
Yes Im fine thx, everything is good, went to the doctor today he took the last stitches so now no more left, nice. Tried to run          today but I´ll wait a little while with that, still. But job is going well too, with my "new" body. 
I hope you are fine..Big luck and light frem me... 
Hope to see you another time in Alanya-Side...And take care
If you ever come to Denmark let me know...:-)
Thank you soo much for everything and the very nice doctor too :-)
Sincerely Christina
Christina K. Denmark 11 July 2013





Dear Ozerdem,

I just wanted to let you know I arrived to London ok and recovering very well,

Thanks very much for all your help with my operation, 

Best wishes Azita

Azita-UK July
Liposuction of thighs




hi to all,
well am at home enjoying my new shape,l am still a bit sore but each day feeling better.
My kids love the new me and my doctor was pleasantly surprised as when he weighed me from the week before the op till last week l was 10 kilos lighter.
Thank you for everything you all did l will send a few after pics as soon as it has settled down the new belly button looks great.


Much love to you all 


İrene. İsle Of Wight, 17 June 2013
360deg body lift &thigh lift





You are a wonderfull and very special interesting  persons and also really important you have a lot of humor.
Chapeau how you can comfort people.

I also really admire your drive and and inventiveness in life.

Sorry my English is limited , so it is difficult to express myself properly

Love and also many regards from me and husband..
You did a very very good job turning a man from extreme negative and against the operation 
not into a man who is promoting liposuction and still finds it a waist of money but I think he accepts my descision. (I hope)

Marjan B (2013)





Hope things are good with you.

Everything is going well and my new breast look great !!! Im delighted with the result. All pain and discomfort have gone. Scars have healed really well.
Thanks Catherine

Catherine W
Breast augmentation





Hi to all,

Things are great.  I have been very pleased with the plastic surgery.  The breast that I was disappointed in has smoothed and I actually love them. I am currently around 15kilo  and loving life.  I am really happy about everything.

Thanks again, Sheri

Sheri (USA) January 6 2012 (
360deg lower bodylift, thigh lift, breast lift and augmentation, extensive liposuction





Dear Dr. O, Dr. G,


I am writing this to say thanks to all of you and your staff for the unbelievable service and care you provided for my surgery and recovery in Antalya. The expertise you offered in answering all my questions quickly and professionally prior to my securing Dr. Omer as my surgeon for my body lift was better than the 2 other surgeons I interviewed.  Your prices for surgery as well as recovery were far superior to those here in Germany and the U.S.   Recovering at the Adonis with the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the great service of the staff there to meet my particular needs was also superb.


I would never have guessed, even with my friend’s recommendation, that having such a life changing and such a huge surgery could have been a great experience.   The Medline Hospital was quaint in size with friendly and courteous care.  Being able to get out of the hospital and have nurses come to check on me at the hotel would not have happened anywhere else. 

If anyone has questions that I can answer, please consider using me as a reference.


I look forward to returning to Antalya to visit all of you at A Plast with my family for a vacation in the future.


Sincerely, Bonnie


(Bonnie returned in November with friends who had facial surgery) 


Bonnie (Taxas USA) May 2012
360deg lower body lift, muscle tightening, thigh lift (vertical & horizontal excisions) breast lift & reduction, arm lift






I had my operation done a month ago in Antalya (breasts augmentation). I am feeling great now and I like my new body. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic since the surgery price was quite affordable, the hospital room was well equipped with all necessary things and the staff was very friendly, which was really important when you traveled abroad to have your surgery done. I would like to thank Dr Ozerdem, who actually performed the operation. I really like the result and I feel so confident of myself now! 

I hope you are doing great and enjoing warm weather))

As for me, I am wearing my warm jacket and a hat and wake up at 5 30 in the morning to go to work!!

Take care!


İndie (Kazakistan)
Breast augmentation



Ich bin sehr froh den Eingriff am oberen Lid gemacht zu haben und erhoffe mir davon eine klar

höhere Lebensqualität. Was die Betreuung angeht, wurden meine Erwartungen bei weitem übertroffen. Ihr seid ein junges, motiviertes Team das erstklassige Arbeit abliefert. Von klärendem Gespräch vor der Operation, über die OP selber bis zur          Nachbetreuung - alles grosse Klasse. Ein ansprechendes Ambiente in Antalya mit dazu passendem

Empfang und die moderne Räumlichkeiten und Einrichtungen gepaart mit kompetenten Mitarbeitern ist eine Garantie für Erfolg. An dieser Stelle nochmals ein riesiges "Dankeschön" an alle, im speziellen aber an Sie. Schon Ihre Dolmetscher-Dienste sind unbezahlbar. Jedenfalls werde ich Euch wärmstens weiterempfehlen.


Liebe Grüsse A. B.

A.B /Alanya
Januar 2013 Augenlidkorrektur





Hi I am Elaine, I am a single mum of four year old twins and live on the south coast of the uk.

These last few years have been an incredible journey, and I would like to share it with you.

After having my wonderful children, the pregnancy took its toll on my body and With my marriage breakdown I turned to food for comfort, I gained about eight stone over two years and was a size 22-24, I had to use a walking stick to get around and I couldnt even run around after my children, the extra weight not only impacted my quality of life, but soon I was to discover I had fibromyalgia so I felt fat and useless as I wasnt able to be the mum I always wanted to be.

I tried various diets and health routines, but always fell flat on my face, my comfort eating was out of control. One day I remember looking in the mirror and feeling so disgusted at my self that I burst into inconsolable tears, my friends although supportive consoled me with How I looked fine...but I knew deep down completely different.

I bit the bullet and joined a local weight management group, and from there found the strength to start loosing weight, as the weeks went by and I lost more and more weight, I realised I was finally taking back control and my confidence grew.

A year in and I had lost a massive 75lb and rather than be elated at my achievement it had the opposite effect because with the weight I lost it had left behind horrible sagging skin and my breasts were nothing but loose skin and I felt I couldn't continue with my weight loss until I had done something about the loose skin.

I scoured the Internet for weeks and weeks, looking at various options, but was aware that my budget would probably be only be able to deal with one of my problems it was tummy tuck or breast augmentation.As I looked and researched more and more, I stumbled upon Dr Omer and Dr Gokhan requesting a quote, within a few hours I had a telephone call from Them...little did I know was that particular call would change my life for good.I had spoken to all the major uk and abroad clinics some in detail and others just quotes were emailed back with no care or attention to any of the care needs or details as to what I could expect.

Helen immediately reassured me, no hard selling no pushy just no nonsense personal approach that I wasn't expecting, she asked me questions about my family and my support network and told me about the doctors.

I sent over my pictures for the doctors to review and consult and awaited there recommendations, within a day or two the email came and I was nervous to say the least at the doctors recommendations were for a tummy tuck, stomach muscle reconstruction, Breast uplift and implants with extensive liposuction.
My immediate reactions were that of despair thinking that I could never afford such extensive surgery but as read the email further I was astounded at the reasonable cost involved, what I was quoted was less than just a tummy tuck alone within the uk...I couldn't believe it!

From that moment my task was researching these doctors, because my moto has always been if something seems too good to be true then generally it is... But this was where I was more shocked these doctors not only were accredited but the stories of there achievements the brothers were world accredited and had actually done some of the worlds first limb transplants, and also face transplants, these doctors were the creme de la creme in the field and I was sold.

I continued liasing with Helen over the following months, and what was lovely was even when I suffered a bereavement her genuine concern for me and my family at that time was so genuinely heartfelt, I knew that I could definitely trust them with what I had in mind and she didn't mention or push me for any kind of decision this also is what attracted me to them. I would get phone calls just to ask how I was! 

Around six months after my initial enquiry I bit the bullet booked my surgery flights and accommodation for me and my family.... And off we went..

We were greeted at Antalya airport VIP style with a driver in a beautiful new car to take us to our accommodation.

The following day Helen came and visited us at the hotel, and it was so emotional here was the woman who had become a friend over the previous months finally in the flesh, her warm manner and time she spent with us was lovely my children took to her so much that my daughter slept on her lap whilst we chatted about the upcoming surgery and what I could expect the no nonsense approach and her honesty was refreshing and I again felt reassured at what I was about to undergo, Helen looked around our resort looking over our accommodation to make sure that it would be a clean and spacious enough for me to conveless in comfort, after she was reassured that it was suitable the children my friend and I enjoyed a further day before I was booked in for my surgery.

The morning of my surgery I was collected by Helen and a driver and driven to what only could of been called a five star hotel but was in fact the hospital, initial impressions were that of awe, I was checked in and taken to my private room, and shown around.

The cleanliness was something I had never seen in any hospital within the uk private sector or within the NHS and although I was a bundle of nerves i knew I was in the right place.

I had Helen and her team suzie and Linda with me the whole time, and before I knew it the doctor came to prepare my body with the markings needed to undergo the surgery. His happy, funny nature again put me straight at ease, especially as I had of yet not spoken to any of the team who were not fluent in English and this made the whole experience that much more reassuring.

Within half hour I was gowned up and wheeled to the theatres, I had never in my time seen such amazing technology, the theatres were so modern and clean With electronic sliding glass doors that opened upon my arrival, the whole time Ozerdem and the team were at my side holding my hand and reassuring me and explaining what was happening next.

 I had no pain and within two hours was up and about in my room, i was in a full corset and had four drains two in my tummy tuck and one to drain each breast.
the ladies also brought me British magazines for my perusal but also snacks and treats to graze on whilst I recover, my private room had a LCD screen with British channels so I was never bored. I had a member of the team with me constantly, until I fell asleep that evening, still pain free. 

The following morning the doctors came to visit and said I would be able to go back to my hotel the following morning. However I was so mobile, dressed and walking about that by the afternoon the doctors said i was ready to go back to my hotel to my family.

I arrived back at the hotel that afternoon with my drains and started relaxing back at the , I was provided with pain relief and anti biotics, the team just on the end of the phone with any question of concern dealt with had any need arised.

A few days later I was again driven to the beautiful clinic and checked over, wounds redressed and drains emptied, again the care of the nurses and dr Omer and dr Gokhan attentive and caring funny natures reassuring me that everything I had done was all doing as it should.

Within a few more days my drains were removed and I was then able to enjoy some quality time enjoying the sites around Antalya, side, and mandvegat, my energy levels increased and although never experienced much pain still took it easy to give my body rest.

Now well here I am quite sometime on, and my life has done a complete 360, i am now a size 12-14 and still shrinking, am          consistantly eating healthily and loosing more weight, everyone who hasn't seen me for a while canot believe that even how I carry myself is different, I now have confidence and i love my whole new me... I can now also run around after my children and be the mum i wanted so desperately to be. I have such praise for Helen and the teams care and also that of the skills of dr Gokhan and dr Omar that I couldn't help but try and help other people wanting the same services to make the lifetime decision that I did...the doctors have changed my life, I am now the person I am meant to be and if I can help people considering surgery abroad then I know who I know you will get that 5* service and care that you will not experience anywhere else. 
And who knows it could be you reading this thats life is about to change...




I hope is finds you well, as you can see I am looking fabulous everything is healing better than expected, and I am helping myself along the way by hitting the gym 2-4 times a week and have lost 6lb in the last fortnight alone, swelling comes and goes generally in the morning I am flat tummied but by the evening look somewhat pregnant... Overall though my entire life has changed am delighted at my new look the last 15 months I have lost over 5 stone now and the before pictures are incredible.

Anyway I hear a few people have come your way since my surgery, hope it's all gone well for them too!!!! 

Much love please stay in touch think I want more lol!!!!
Elaine xxxx


Elaine Passey
May 2012, Tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift & augmentation





To anyone thinking about having surgery İ believe this is one of the best company’s that you can find...There is no need to be nervous or anxious about your surgery or journey, everything is taken care of for you by Dr Ömer & Dr Gökhan & their amazing team in turkey. The organisation, private hospital, surgery, post surgery care, service were all excellent, nothing was too much trouble for anyone and all at a fraction of the price in the UK...

Dr Ömer & DR Gökhan are amazing doctors, artists & perfectionists who will only finish their operation when they have achieved the best that is physically possible. An amazing job & unbelievably with no pain!!! İ started work after a week of surgery & my partner of 12 years says i look like i did when he first met me, the same but different...younger!

Both English speaking doctors & the team of personal carers supported me & i know that İ have made some good friends to whom i can return or recommend others at any time. I cant recommend this clinic highly enough & anyone thinking about surgery can contact me now!



Susan Davision (May 2012)
Full face & neck lift, combined open & endescopic forehead lift, upper eylid surgery





okter Gokhan bedankt voor de de geweldige resultaten na de operatie. Alles heelt mooi! Dus 2013 heeft een mooi begin. Linde bedankt voor de goede zorgen vanuit de kliniek. Je bent een engel zelfs op mijn meest slechte momenten net na de operatie.

Het animatieteam van Sherwood bedankt voor de afleiding tijdens mijn herstelperiode. Ik heb een geweldige tijd bij jullie gehad!

Kirstin V. V. (HOLLAND)
Breast Lift + Augmentation + Tummy tuck





Mein Name ist Elfriede .Ich bin 65 Jahre  jung.


Im November 2011 waren wir in der Türkei in  Alanya im Urlaub.


Über eine Freundin erfuhr ich via Internet von der „ Plastic Surgery Clinic  bei mir, um mir bei allen Belangen behilflich zu sein.


Die Aufklärung im Krankenhaus fand persönlich durch Dr.Ömer und Assistentin statt und immer war Zeit für Fragen.

Die OP am nächsten Tag verlief erwartungsgemäß und die nächsten 2 Tage erholte ich mich im Krankenhaus .Auch nach der OP war ständig jemand ansprechbar im Krankenhaus und selbst mitten in der Nacht kam jemand vom OP Team  auf meinen Wunsch ins Krankenhaus


Ich wurde dann wieder in mein Hotel nach Alanya gefahren.


In der folgenden Woche bestand ständig Kontakt zum Plastic Surgery Clinic -Team via Internet oder Telefon.

Nach einer Woche dann wurden die Fäden gezogen in Alanya. Auch hier klärte Dr.Ömer mich stets bestens auf und stellte sich allen Fragen.


Ich bin jetzt schon wieder einen Monat in Deutschland und einige meiner Freunde und Bekannten haben eine deutliche, positive  Veränderung an  mir  festgestellt.


Ich kann mich nur nochmals bei Dr.Ömer und seinem tollen Team herzlich bedanken und Ihnen für die Zukunft alles

Gute wünschen


Ihre zufriedene   Elfriede B.





Hallo , mein Name ist Fred

Im November 2011 war ich mit meiner Frau in Alanya im Urlaub.

Über eine Freundin gelangten wir an die Adresse von A-Plast  in Antalya

Meine Frau (65 ) hat schon längere Zeit den Wunsch , sich die Augenlieder und die Stirn,

ggf auch noch mehr  behandeln zu lassen .

Schon nach dem ersten Anruf dort in Antalya bekamen wir einen Termin für eine Vorbesprechung.

2 Tage später (in Deutschland völlig undenkbar ) saß ich mit meiner Frau in Antalya bei Dr.Ömer .

Da meine Frau sehr skeptisch ist , habe ich Sie bei dem Gespräch natürlich begleitet.

Es war eine sehr warme und freundliche Atmosphäre ,und alle Bedenken konnten sehr schnell

Durch fachliche Antworten ausgeräumt werden.

Es wurden auch nur die Möglichkeiten besprochen , welche Teil-OP´s man mit welchen Aussichten auf Erfolg  durchführen könnte , keine Verkaufsgespräch also .

Nach 1 Stunde haben wir das Büro  gut informiert und interessiert verlassen .

2 Tage später kam dann die Patienten –Koordinatorin mit extra Dolmetscherin in s Deutsch  zu uns ins Hotel

Nach Alanya .Vom ersten Moment an entstand eine freundliche , offene Gesprächsrunde .Es wurden viele Fragen zu Abläufen , Kosten , Heilungsverfahren , Risiken  erörtert und verglichen .

Nach fast 3 Stunden war keine Frage mehr offen und ich bin mit meiner Frau noch einen Stunde am Strand spazieren gegangen .

Am nächsten Tag dann haben wir angerufen und meine Frau hatte sich für ein „Full Face „ Lift entschieden .

Wie in der Besprechung zugesagt ,hatten wir 3 Tage später einen Termin

Wir wurden beide am Hotel in Alanya abgeholt .Wieder war eine Dolmetscherin dabei . Das gab immer ein Gefühl von Sicherheit und man konnte auch noch die letzten Fragen besprechen .

In Antalya ging es in ein großes Privatkrankenhaus .

Die Patienten –Koordinatorin .regelte an der Rezeption alle Formalitäten und wir brauchten uns um nichts zu kümmern .

Hier hatte ich mit meiner Frau ein großes Doppelzimmer. Bis in den frühen Abend waren ständig Dolmetscherin und Patienten –Koordinatorin . Vor Ort. Am Abend kam dann die OP Vorbesprechung mit Dr.Ömer .Ständig der Hinweis ,Fragen zu stellen ,um ja keine Unsicherheiten zurückzulassen .

Am frühen Morgen des PO Tages trafengegen 07:3 0 wieder die Dolmetscherin und Patienten –Koordinatorin auf unserem Zimmer ein .     Dr.Ömer kam erneut zu meiner Frau für ein letztes Gespräch vor der OP

Die OP  verlief planmäßig .Ich blieb im Krankenzimmer und die Patienten –Koordinatorin  war ebenfalls die ganze Zeit anwesend .

Schon im Aufwachraum war meine frau  wieder in vertrauten Händen des Teams von Dr Ömer.

In den folgenden 2 Tagen im Krankenhaus wechselten sich die Besuche und Visiten ständig  ab

Verbandswechsel , Kontrollmessungen , und wenn man etwas vom Krankenhauspersonal brauchte ,

nur fragen .Bei  einer so umfassenden Betreuung durch das Team konnte ich mich als Partner voll darauf konzentrieren , meiner Frau alle Fragen zu beantworten , und einfach für Sie da zu sein .

Nachdem Dr.Ömer  meine Frau abschließend  untersucht hatte ,sie mit Medikamenten für die nächsten Tage  versorgt war (Rezept )wurden wir wieder nach Alanya ins Hotel gefahren .

In den folgenden Tagen habe ich mehrmals täglich mit   der Patienten –Koordinatorin per E-Mail bzw Telefon  die Entwicklung abgesprochen .

Zusammenfassend läßt sich feststellen : ich kann ,als Partner einer Patientin der A-Plast Klinik dem gesamten Team mein Lob aussprechen für  Top Organisation , Sprachliche Flexibilität , medizinische Fachkentniss , Offenheit gegenüber möglichen Patienten , faire Preise ,Saubere Durchführung und eine umfangreiche Nachbehandlung.


Mein spezieller Dank geht an Dr Ömer ,Darria, Helen, Jacky und Susan



Elfrieda (November) Germany
Full face & neck lift, upper eyelids, combined open & endescopic brow lift.







hi ya , arrived safety & so far in good health thank-every one in the clinic for their support & help, the weather is great & everyone in good spirts. İ have recieved information about my after care , which you sent recently, thanks again for everything doreen


Doreen (UK)
September – 360deg lower bodylift, thigh lift & arm lift.







Hope you are all well?


Surgery wise all healing very well... I still have a little swelling around my drain site / stomach area and a few small bruises... but all healed beautifully...!


My stomach is flat... which I am so pleased about...


I am still wearing the corsets at night for additional support, the original ones became too big, so I have managed to contact the company direct and have smaller ones sent to me from France... wont be able to wear them when i return to work, but thought the extra support may help, due to me having some muscle wastage where I have been so immobile.


My Doctor in England thinks my surgery is FANTASTIC and has been VERY supportive of what I have done..... And Im really happy so far.... will work hard over the next few months with a exercise programme and hope my thighs will get back into shape etc...



Love and best wishes to you all


Andrea xxx


Just a little note to say ‘thank you’ so much for your support, friendship & kindness during my surgery & time in Turkey.

We will miss you,

with all my love Andrea.


To Dear Ömer & Gökhan,

Çok ‘Teşekur ederim for everything & changing my life……

With love from Andrea



Andrea UK
Jan 2010 Arm lift & breast lift November 2012 Thigh lift – 360deg lower body lift, liposuction, fat transfer





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